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[ laughs ] i use maps if i need to find an obscure address. it's awesome. and it really makes me feel like this is my city, you know? [ laughs ] ♪ ♪
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tonight, a gruesome hit-and- run accident, and theclues that mite have helped solve it. plus a health alert. >> that's what i would eat. >> finding help for picky eaters. tonight at 11:00 on 9news now.
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. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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- my undercover experience for almis finally over. choose. i was amazed by the stories and the caliber of some of the staff i came in contact with. but some of our company policies need to be reviewed and addressed immediately. hey, guys. - did you get fired anywhere? - i did not get fired. i got close to being fired. um, i saw, really, a lot of great stuff. but also, i saw some stuff that we need to work on. there was one woman in particular who was thirsting for training. i go, "so do you get any training from choice?" she goes "nothing. they don't got anything." and i wanted to go "choice university.
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"choice university. "you could take any job in the hotel business and learn it through our-- through our online training." you know, it would've been nice if everything was perfect, but it's not. we got some things we got to work on. there's no question about it. you have elevator tracks... they need some repairs on the elevator and the floors. in some of the hotels, there were some cleanliness issues. they weren't dusting. no high dusting. and is our standard for suburban that they don't provide coffee? - yes. - coffee's available. - wow. - but it doesn't have to be provided. - okay, but i got two bars of soap, i got no coffee. if i'd gotten up, looking for coffee in the morning, i would not have been happy. i really need you guys to fix that. - write it down. - i agree. - um, i went to work at the world's largest econolodge. it needs work. it needs attention. i want to bring in that general manager because i want to talk to him about attention to detail. those folks on that property are ready to do what they need to do, but they need to get it from their leader and they're not getting it.
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i'm gonna go see the employees now. so wish me luck and i'll see you later on today. now all the employees have been called to headquarters to supposedly vote for two guys competing for the same job. they have no idea why they're really here. - uh, today, i'm gonna be casting my vote. i'm confident with who i'm gonna vote for. - killing me. the suspense is killing me. - good morning. - morning, jack. - good morning. - hi. - how are you? - i'm good. - do you know who i am? - i know you're jack. - actually, i'm not jack parker. i'm steve joyce. i'm the president, chief executive officer of choice hotels.
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- oh. - well, nice to meet you, steve. - nice to meet you. - nice to meet you, sir. - nice to meet you, ricardo. john, for two months on the job, you are incredible. - i appreciate that. - because i watched you with your relationship you have with the customers. they all liked you. - well, thank you. - that's exactly what i need at this company. you do another year in that hotel, take those training courses, i'm thinking i'm hiring you for choice's global sales force. - really? - really. big deal. big pay. - i'm, like, "wow," right now. um, i really want-- i want to do that, you know? um, i--thank you for seeing-- you know, taking the interest in me. - so here's the other thing, i noticed you liked the threads. - oh, yeah. ha ha ha. i definitely do. - i like a good suit. - i can tell. i can definitely tell. - i'm gonna give you $5,000 on choice to get the outfit you need when you come work for me.
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- oh, i'll definitely-- all right. i appreciate that. - you all right with that? - i appreciate that. definitely. - all right, my man. - definitely. - good to see you. - appreciate that. i'm excited for what he's offered out to me. i really want to take that on, you know, full steam ahead. because, like he said, i am eager and i'm really ready to learn. i'm excited about it. definitely. - christina, you've got to be the strongest housekeeping manager i've ever seen. - no kidding? - no kidding. i got such a rush after working with you that i was thinking you really need to do more than housekeeping manager. particularly for your family. choice hotels is gonna put you through g.m. training at our cost. - wow. thank you so much. - i need people like you running our hotels. you're talking about a serious change in your income. and i want to make sure that happens for you, because you're a good person. - okay. - the other thing, hearing your story about your kids not getting everything they want broke my heart.
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i'm gonna send you on a week's vacation all expenses paid. anywhere in orlando you want to stay and tickets to all the parks they want to go to. - [laughs] they would love that. i feel so blessed. i'm just on the clouds right now. i don't--is this real? - brandalyn, when i worked with you and you shared your story with me, you were really an inspiration. - well, thank you. - the way you've overcome what's happened in your life and your positive approach to everything has changed me. - i mean, really, you don't know how much that means to me to have somebody say that after everything that i've been through. - i know you want to be a front office manager. i'm gonna ask the folks that work directly with your hotel to help you get to that next spot that you want. - thank you. - to kind of thank you for what you're doing for us, what i want to do is send you and your family for a week's vacation in san antonio all expenses paid. - well, thank you. that really means a lot to me.
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- and then after that, i want to pay your rent for six months so that you can finally have a home of your own. i know that means a lot to you for your family. - oh, it does. thank you so much. that'll mean so much to me, and my daughter, and everybody. - but, seriously, thank you for what you're doing. - you're very welcome. - i know your family never gave you any support. i want you to think of choice as your family for a long time. - thank you. - i can't even describe the feeling that i have. after everything that i've been through in my life, to have somebody tell me how great i am is just-- i mean, it's great. [breathes deeply] sorry. [laughs] - now i've decided to bring in ricardo's general manager because ricardo's a great employee and that property needs attention to detail.
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morning. - morning. - do you know who i am? - yes, sir. - this week, i was undercover working at your econolodge property. - okay. that's a surprise. - i walked around your property a lot. you got a roof issue which needs to be fixed. you got other detail issues. you know what this is. you know how to do this. - okay. - i need this property to be pristine. - absolutely. - and to be an example that represents us the right way. - right. - can i get your commitment to work on the property? - absolutely, sir. - that's exactly what i wanted to hear. thank you for coming in. really appreciate it. - well thank. very good. our company has just taken over that property so i totally agree. the property needs continued work and we--we're working-- our company's working on getting that done. - ricardo, you worked me hard. it was good. but you inspired me. - thank you. - i've talked to your general manager. and we're gonna bring that property back to the shape that it ought to be in. - i would love that. - the other thing, i need to have you be more efficient,
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get more work done. as a result, the property will be better. so you know what i'm gonna do? - i don't know. - i'm gonna buy you that golf cart. - i don't know what to say. - you all right? - yeah. i'm all right. - how do you feel? - i feel good. - you feel good? - i feel good, jack. - i'm--i'm not jack. i'm steve. you can call me steve now. - sorry, steve. - you know, i don't know anybody that works harder than you do. what you're doing for your son is amazing. seven days a week, two jobs to put him through med school. so here's what i'm gonna do, we have a scholarship program for people here that work at choice. you've inspired me to make that program available to all the folks that work in all of choice's hotels. and i want your son to be the first recipient. - no. - seriously. - i don't believe it. - i really, really want to say thank you for what you're doing. - i--i really--thank you.
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- reminds me of why i got into this business in the first place. - thanks. - thanks. - thank you. i'm feeling great. like, i can walk home with my head up with a scholarship for my son. that's number one for me now. maybe i could retire early. who knows? - everybody welcome steve joyce. [cheers and applause] - i'm steve joyce. and for the past week, i've been undercover at choice hotels. [audience murmuring] i've always thought that i worked hard. i discovered this week that i don't work nearly as hard as these folks sitting here. if my livelihood and taking care of my family depended on these jobs, i just couldn't physically cut it. let's take a look at some of my experiences. i'm supposed to get this done before the end of my shift? is that the idea?
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- actually within five minutes. - oh, crap. [laughter] - hi, bob, this is steve-- uh, this is, uh... [laughter] - he's overwhelmed. jack needs to go to housekeeping boot camp. [laughter] [applause] - i knew i was gonna learn a lot about our company, about our programs. what i got surprised by is the quality of the people we've got in our hotels. and as i think about it, we're all part of the choice family at this point. we don't always act like it. but we should. thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] - i thought that nobody cares. but i--since this happened, i think everybody cares. - today's a new day. and i'm gonna start a new chapter in my life. and it's great to be able to say that steve is part of it. - no question. it is harder than i thought.
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i wasn't very good at most of the hotel jobs. not being able to cut some of these jobs physically, i owe it to myself and my family to get in better shape. i've got a long way to go. captioning by captionmax announcer: stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
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he was watering plants in his front yard. >> i'm having a big boom. tonight, a hit-and-run accident and a clue that mite help solve it. plus, the wet start to the week's forecast. and a health alert. >> i knew that he was laying out there. that's what i would be. >> finding help for picky eaters. . thank you for joining us this sunday night. a young woman remains in critical condition, following a hit-and-run accident. and tonight, they are looking for the driver who failed to stop along the island. surae chinn reports that police might have some solid evidence that was left behind at the scene of the collision. >> last night, telling police about the terrible accident. >> and they are still around. and i'll see the fence, something like that. >> we're having a big boom. that's when they rushed over to
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this truck. even more startling, the driver kept ongoing. >> they will see that around here. a look under the truck and the leg is up there lying face down. her flip-flops are in the middle of the road, her phone is broke, maybe she is bringing food for our family or something. >> reporter: police say they don't know if the woman was walking along the road or trying to cross carol avenue around 8:00 last night. they say that the driver hit the woman on the right side of the car. breaking off the side mirror. a critical clue that they hope will lead them to the make and model of the car. that's the police market where they believe that the 24-year- old woman was walking. you can see just how little room there is as you're trying to get into her car or walking along the streets. >> i'm surprised that you didn't stop or anything. >> reporter: and residence say that in the populated area that the elementary schools go over the 25 miles an hour speed limit. they are still shaken by the images he saw in the front of
11:19 pm
the house. in silver springs, surae chinn, 9news now. >> and tonight, police are asking for the help. police that fled the scene of the hit and run, possibly a honda, might have damage to the right headlight and the roof. they might be missing the right- side mirror. as you have information, don't do anything. just call county police. you get up on sunday morning, you discovered that you have a flat tire. you're not alone. your neighbors have flats also, and these are no accidents. armando trull reports frederick, maryland, police tonight, they are looking to arrest somebody. >> that vehicle makes me money. that's why i need to go out here and support my family. i have two senior citizens, four kids. >> that's why the slashed tires were no laughing matter. >> i mean, these are working people. they are trying to make a living. we're not out here, doing bad things like this. here we are, stuck right now. you know, 20% of our salary is
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gone. >> reporter: they are concerned about taking the work truck home because of the vandalism. >> everything in my neighborhood seemed to be work vehicles. >> reporter: but it wasn't just work vehicles here, we found not one, but we found actually fivevehicles that were vandalized from each other. two in this home, two more over here. >> we spotted him as he changed the tire on one of the two slashed cars. >> what time did you see this happen this morning? >> 6:30. >> 6:30? >> yes. >> were you surprised, angry? >> yeah, angry. >> how many cars in the house? >> two cars. >> he lives across the street, he came out to see what the commotion was all about. >> i'm going to come out here and see it. and i looked at the neighborhood like wow, two to three floors. >> what would you say if i told you it was 31?
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>> 31, is that right? >> oh my goodness, they are leaving notes on the windshield. detectives have been real busy trying to determine exactly how many vehicles have been splashed. and frederick, armando trull, 9news now. >> as they are hoping that somebody might have seen that tire slasher. if you could help, call them. well, you saw the game on television today. they seemed determined to help the bad teams. this time it's the rams and solution. and they are here to show us how the game is lost. >> well, here is what they have done over the past three seasons. 3-13, 2-14, and 1-15. winning six games out of the last 50. as you assume that today's game is going to be a cake walk and they will be heading out there, 2-1. imagine your surprise. first road trip of the year.
11:22 pm
getting hit in the mouth right out of the gates. they are living up to that billing. 42 yards on this sprint to the end zone. the cutback to the left and then touchdown to open up the game. 14-0, they lead after six minutes. but the skins, erase that deficit. this is the second quarter to the right, throwing back to his right. he had six catches. scoring 16 unanswered points. leading 16-14 in the third. and not for long. they are filling in for the injured. in the second half that is. and the rams, they hardly missed a beat. 12 yards, right up the gut for this touchdown run. retaking the lead there. never giving it up. 30-16. the final is the the skins, as they get shocked in st. louis. >> right after that, you know, they really dot job. they play well. and then we are stepping up and they didn't think that they would win that football game, especially on the road. >> when i saw the first drive
11:23 pm
in the second half, we're able to get down there, you know, put ourselves up here. again when you kick the field goal, you know that won't cut it. >> we have maybe three to four times here for the situation. that they have been getting off the field. you know, i told them that you work so hard to get them in the third medium situations. you need to stop them. >> reporter: and they didn't. as usual, they were intrigued after the game. specifically why clinton portis only had seven carries in the entire game. and we'll break down the game coming up right after this newscast. >> a weekend bank robber is taking advantage of the extended hours. the robbery took place here. and police say that the suspects, seen here on the surveillance video, they entered on saturday morning.
11:24 pm
approaching the teller out here for the handgun. >> witnesses say that they were in left in the silver saturn car. on an unknown pennsylvania license plate. >> the suspect is described as a male in the mid-20s, wearing the gray sweater. black-hooded sweatshirt, black pants, and a black bandanna over his face. and that is probably not wearing any of that stuff tonight. they want to hear from anybody with information about the suspect or the robbery. dc school chancellor says that education reform can continue in schools where she stays on the job or not. reappearing on meet the press this morning, giving up the first comments since meeting in private with the presumptive mayor to be. >> i think of the important things to realize that, you know, education reform, they could continue in dc. regardless of whether or not you're there or not. and it could continue as long as the leadership is willing to make this incredibly tough
11:25 pm
decision. >> and also on that panel, the education secretary, giving the outgoing mayor the highest grade for the vegetation reform effort in the city. >> by any measure, you could see they are better today than when they started. and i stood with mayor fenty, multiple times. investing $35 million because of the leadership. >> they asked them for the endorsement as they tried and failed to find out the challenge by vincent gray in the democratic primary. he didn't get that endorsement. secretary duncan today said he couldn't campaign in every local race. although he would show up for some national campaign. one of the country's most prominent fight leaders to fite allegations, luring 14 into the congregation into sexual relationships. thousands of people, they packed up the missionary baptist church in atlanta this morning. that's where bishop eddie long stood to address the allegations against him. four men have filed lawsuits
11:26 pm
against long, charging that they promised them lavished gifts including cars, trucks, travel, when they were 17 and 18 years old. during sunday's service, long did not specifically deny the allegations against him, but he said that he would fight them. >> i have never in my life, portrayed myself as the perfect man. but i'm not the man that is being portrayed on the television. >> he is father of four. increasing the allegations to more than 25,000 members, including famous athletes and politicians. >> a few tense moments, headed
11:27 pm
from atlanta to new york. the plane was diverted to the airport. and the passenger captured video of the emergency landing. the gear malfunctioned, sending sparks flying. passengers were told to assume the brace position. there were no reports of injuries. still ahead on 9news now, a health alert. a new study wants your help in finding the answer. >> there are not that many options when they are homeless. where the young is a victim of the bad economy that could find help. that's coming up. a little bit of the light rain this morning to just that. giving us a little bit of the rain. 76 degrees the official high. and it was just after midnight. most of the afternoon, a little bit of the sunshine into the low 70s. wake up weather, it is all about rain that will be here in making it a messy morning commute. plus, more on the rain,
11:28 pm
when it is going to start and end. and how much, the complete forecast.
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from the mideast tonight, new demonstrations as to why the u.s. and israeli leaders are trying to keep palestinians from ending the peace talk. that issue is a 10-month restriction on the new israeli settlements on the west bank that ended this evening. the palestinians that asked for a meeting next month, would discuss the settlement situation. in the meantime, they released balloons and broke ground on a kindergarten to celebrate the end of the construction moratorium. now, checking news where you live. a big week for some capitol heights culinary students. they had a meeting with first lady, michelle obama. at the high school students that are in the school culinary arts program. the first lady was promoting healthy eating habits among young people. more information on this and other stories from where you live. just go to our website on sign up to your community on the where you live section and what's happening in the neighborhood. you've got a story or a news tip. we want to hear from you.
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contact us and be a part of the team. dozens of people of all ages are at the park today northwest to take part of the global yoga event. >> that's fine. >> global is an annual fund raising event to raise money for the social change and vulnerable communities around the globe. today's event included speakers, meditation, and music along with yoga lessons. still to come on 9news now, they get the umbrellas out to start the workweek. also, picky eaters, just pinky or something more to it? we'll be back in just a minute.
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if you're an adult and a picky eater or no one, as the important study that's underway, you could participate. research is the one that you want to know. that is a matter of personal taste or an actual disorder that needs treatment. anita brikman reports there is a new finicky eating registry to help find out. >> reporter:

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